Home Entertainment 32 people charged for playing loud music in Valletta

32 people charged for playing loud music in Valletta

32 people charged for playing loud music in Valletta

A total of 32 people were charged in one year for playing louder than permissible music in Valletta, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said on Monday.

Camilleri was replying to a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Darren Carabott.

Carabott asked if any action had been taken against establishments that did not adhere to the allowed music levels. 

Last year, a new law permitting music to be played outdoors in Valletta until 1am was enacted despite residents’ complaints that the change would transform the UNESCO World Heritage city into an entertainment hub. 

In his reply, Camilleri said various laws had been breached. However, he did not go into detail of how those breaching the law were penalised.

Carabott also asked if the police took any actions to ensure that establishments respected the sound levels.

Camilleri said the police carry out “several patrols” in the capital, including in  areas where music is played. He said police issue charges against those who create an inconvenience.

Bothered by the loud music, Valletta deputy mayor Ray Azzopardi earlier this year advised residents to throw water at rowdy bar patrons who disturb the peace at night. Some took him up on the suggestion. 


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