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Empowering entrepreneurs: Inside the mission of the Malta Chamber of SMEs


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In a candid revelation of its core operations and future aspirations, Abigail Agius Mamo, CEO of the Malta Chamber of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) has highlighted the Chamber’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Malta. At its heart, the Chamber seeks to champion the interests of SMEs, offering a plethora of resources, advocating for equitable business practices, and facilitating an environment ripe for growth and innovation. The organization firmly believes that SMEs are not just crucial economic contributors but also societal cornerstones, meriting a business landscape free from the strangling grip of excessive bureaucracy and stifling regulation.

Recent strategies have propelled the SME Chamber to the frontline of national and European discussions pertinent to small businesses. The Chamber has been a channel for local SME sentiments, discerning the fine balance between challenges and opportunities. A strong advocate against inflation, the Chamber has initiated services that steer businesses towards sustainability and co-organised the Malta Business Awards, elevating the business community’s image and showcasing inspiring role models.

Envisioning SMEs as the economic backbone of Malta, the SME Chamber tirelessly works to mould a conducive environment for their success. The Chamber’s collaborative endeavours with government entities and various stakeholders aim to construct a framework that bolsters SME sustainability and competitiveness.

Addressing the primary concerns of human resources and inflation, the SME Chamber presents a range of policy proposals and knowledge-enhancing initiatives. The goal is not just to be heard, but to engage in fruitful dialogue that forges pragmatic solutions for local enterprises.

Membership in the Malta Chamber of SMEs is akin to joining a supportive family, where businesses are not just understood but are given the resources to thrive. This includes networking prospects, skill development through webinars and masterclasses, and direct benefits like free legal and ESG consultancy, and dedicated training on employment and consumer law.

This sense of community is further deepened through networking events and knowledge-sharing platforms, creating a vibrant ecosystem where SMEs can share insights and pursue collaborative ventures.

As the business landscape continually shifts, the SME Chamber vows to stay ahead of the curve, maintaining its foundational values while embracing modernity and digital innovation. The SME Chamber’s impact is measured through positive member feedback and its ever-growing family of businesses. Notable achievements include driving reforms and shaping inclusive policies that foster a fair and just regulatory environment.

Finally, by spotlighting emerging trends and imparting essential knowledge and capacity for innovation, the Chamber ensures its members are equipped to grow robustly, contributing to Malta’s economic development and prosperity. The Malta Chamber of SMEs thus stands as a pivotal force in shaping the destiny of small and medium-sized enterprises in Malta.

The campaign is co-funded by the European Union under the ioreSME Project (101051860) as part of the Support for social dialogue (SOCPL-2021-SOC-DIALOG) call.

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