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High employability rate at TECH Technological University


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Digitalisation plays a significant role in professional life and became more relevant due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave way to work from home and virtual education. TECH Malta has taken this as a wonderful opportunity to promote its higher education model to help students gain more employability opportunities due to global demands.

For companies, technology is an important key to growth, that is why the employees will need to get updated and keep new skills related to technological progress because it will have a significant role in business reality. 

Labour statistics which show that 9 out of 10 people who have a postgraduate degree have more possibilities to find a job or get promoted after two years after finishing their studies, and most of them get a full-time contract with a salary higher than the average for each sector.

On the other hand, The World Economic Forum released the study ‘The Future of Jobs’, which explains that of people who will keep their jobs in the next five years, half will need to update to get new technological abilities. Also, they classified 10 main job skills: Analytical Thinking and innovation, active Learning and learning strategies, complex problem solving, critical thinking and analysis, leadership and social influence, Technology use, monitoring and control, technology design and programming, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, reasoning and problem solving.

TECH University specialises in giving qualified 100% online postgraduate courses, which each year allow more than 100,000 professionals to learn and update their professional careers. All of them are based on real cases, giving the possibility of self-resolution and autonomy.

TECH University and its presence in education

The institution has become an international benchmark in distance education and stands out for has more than 100.000 students per year, more than 500.000 graduates from more than 150 countries around the world and the degrees are online and supported by more than 6,000 leading professors in their fields of knowledge, including different disciplines related to education.

Also, it has an extensive catalogue of 10,000 university programs including executive development programs, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, professional master’s degrees, language courses, advanced master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and doctorates. 

Technological University have a large area around the world and is updated with the latest technology applied to educational methods which is included in their innovative academic experience. One of the challenges of TECH Technological University is to create a connection between the students and companies that need to expand the labour market. 

‘’We are leaders in employability. 99% of our students have a job after finishing their studies, and a similar number manage to improve their professional career.’
Explains TECH Technological University

Meet TECH Technological University

TECH University is recognised as the largest digital university in the world. It was founded by the educational group TECH, a Spanish multinational company and recognised by the Financial Times as among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe. 

Also, the institution has been recognized by Forbes as “the best online university in the world”, due to an innovative 100% online learning system, which combines the Case Method from Harvard with the Re-Learning system based on repetition designed by them. 

For more information about TECH University visit the website here

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