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InnovateChange Casino Research: Malta’s regulatory sweep hits industry giants


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In a significant step that highlights the dedication of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to maintaining high standards in the gambling industry, a number of leading gambling companies are currently facing serious challenges. Detailed reporting by The Malta Independent has shed light on the MGA’s recent actions, which have seen both the suspension and outright cancellation of licences belonging to some of the industry’s key players. This extensive regulatory crackdown is part of the MGA’s commitment to ensuring that all gambling operations adhere to strict rules and regulations, aiming to uphold the integrity and trustworthiness of Malta’s gaming sector.

InnovateChange.co.nz takes a closer look at these developments, emphasizing the ripple effects these actions have across the gambling industry.

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MGA overview by InnovateChangeMGA overview by InnovateChange

Malta Gaming Authority canceled the licence of industry giants: overview by InnovateChange

In a decisive move to uphold the integrity of Malta’s gaming industry, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently taken significant actions against major players in the gambling sector for non-compliance with regulatory standards.

Genesis Global: A case study in compliance failure

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) made a decisive move by canceling Genesis Global’s licence to operate with consumers on January 11th, 2023, following an initial suspension that occurred the previous year. This action effectively prohibits Genesis from conducting any gambling activities previously sanctioned under its Malta licence. Genesis, which managed 23 websites including popular ones like Vegasoo.com, Sloty.com, Spinit.com, and Genesiscasino.com, now faces the immediate responsibility of addressing outstanding financial obligations. Specifically, Genesis Global Limited is required to pay any overdue fees within a seven-day window and must also confirm the issuance of refunds to players within the same timeframe, adhering to the stipulations of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Furthermore, Genesis is obligated to eliminate any indications or suggestions that it continues to hold approval or endorsement from the Malta Gaming Authority. In a noteworthy collaboration, the Gaming Authority is actively assisting the liquidators appointed for Genesis Global, focusing on ensuring that all owed player funds are appropriately disbursed. This collaborative effort between the regulator and the liquidator underscores the MGA’s commitment to safeguarding player interests, ensuring that financial obligations to players are fulfilled amidst the proceedings following the licence cancellation.

Indefinite licence suspension of Rush Gaming

In a significant regulatory action, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) initiated an indefinite suspension of Rush Gaming’s operating licence as of early January 2023. This decision directly impacts Rush Gaming’s operations, particularly affecting its management of online gambling platforms such as Fansbet.com and Onebet.com, which are known for offering a variety of betting and gaming services to their users.

While the specific reasons for the suspension have not been publicly detailed, Maltese legislation provides for such measures in instances where there are substantial breaches of regulatory standards. These regulations are designed to ensure that all gambling activities are conducted in a fair, transparent, and socially responsible manner, safeguarding the interests of players and maintaining the integrity of Malta’s gaming industry.

Despite the suspension, current regulations allow for existing customers of Rush Gaming to maintain access to their accounts. This provision ensures that players can withdraw their funds, thereby minimizing the immediate impact on them. In line with this, Rush Gaming is obligated to facilitate the return of all funds to its registered users, ensuring that players are not financially disadvantaged by the suspension.

Winners Malta Operations Ltd.: striking off for non-compliance

The regulatory actions taken by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) extended to Winners Malta Operations Ltd., marking yet another significant step in the authority’s commitment to upholding industry standards. On January 11th, the MGA canceled Winners Malta Operations’ gaming licence, compelling the company to immediately cease all Malta-authorized activities. This move further underscores the MGA’s rigorous enforcement of compliance and its readiness to act decisively against entities falling short of regulatory requirements.

Winners Malta Operations was also tasked with addressing financial obligations promptly, including settling outstanding licensing fees within five working days of receiving the cancellation notice. Additionally, the company was required to ensure the return of funds owed to players, demonstrating the MGA’s prioritization of player protection even in the face of licence revocation. Winners Malta Operations was mandated to remove any references to its now-cancelled Malta licence from all related websites and domains, highlighting the importance of clear and transparent communication with players and stakeholders.

The regulatory body’s notice also mentioned that, under Maltese law, Winners Malta Operations retains the right to appeal the decision to cancel its licence. This provision underscores the procedural fairness embedded within Malta’s regulatory framework, allowing companies a chance to contest regulatory decisions through due legal processes.

The broader impact of MGA’s regulatory sweep on the gaming industry

The MGA’s regulatory sweep, encompassing actions against Genesis Global, Rush Gaming and Winners Malta Operations Ltd among others, represents a comprehensive effort to uphold the legal and operational standards within the gaming industry. By taking decisive action against industry giants, the MGA reaffirms that no organization is exempt from regulatory compliance. This initiative underscores the importance of strict adherence to guidelines, particularly in critical areas such as anti-money laundering efforts and player protection. The MGA’s actions serve not only to correct current non-compliance issues but also to set a precedent for the level of integrity and security expected of all operators within the industry. The overarching goal of this regulatory sweep is to foster a safer, more responsible gaming environment, ensuring the long-term sustainability and credibility of the gaming sector in Malta and beyond.

Implications for the gaming world according to Innovate Change

The sweeping regulatory measures taken by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), highlighted by Innovate Change, including the suspension and cancellation of licences for major operators such as Rush Gaming and Genesis Global, underscore the paramount importance of stringent regulatory compliance across the gaming industry. These developments underscore the critical need for operators to establish and maintain comprehensive compliance programs and robust internal controls that are in full alignment with MGA’s stringent regulations.

The Impact on game operators

For gaming operators, the actions taken by the MGA serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of non-compliance. It emphasizes the necessity of adopting thorough compliance frameworks that cover all aspects of operations, from anti-money laundering protocols to player protection measures. The focus on such comprehensive compliance programs is not just about adhering to regulations but also about fostering trust and reliability among players and stakeholders.

The impact on players

For players, the regulatory actions reinforce the MGA’s pivotal role in safeguarding a gaming environment that is not only safe and fair but also transparent. By holding operators to the highest standards of compliance, the MGA ensures that players’ interests are protected, thereby maintaining and enhancing Malta’s reputation as a leading gaming destination. This commitment to upholding a secure and fair gaming landscape underlines the MGA’s dedication to player protection, further solidifying the trust players place in Malta-regulated gaming platforms.

Provided by Innovate Change, this analysis of the implications of the MGA’s regulatory actions offers a comprehensive look at the ripple effects through the gaming industry. For operators, it’s a call to elevate their compliance strategies; for players, it’s an assurance of the MGA’s commitment to their safety and gaming fairness. As the industry evolves, the emphasis on rigorous regulatory adherence remains a cornerstone for ensuring the ongoing credibility and sustainability of Malta’s gaming sector.

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