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Mater Dei Hospital officials and RIU now certified to use BolaWrap


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The Malta Police Force has introduced a new tool to assist law enforcement agencies in safely detaining individuals, called the BolaWrap.

Officers stationed with the Rapid Intervention Unit (RIU) and those at Mater Dei Hospital have undergone specialised training and are now certified to use this “innovative and safer technology.”

The BolaWrap is a taser-type technology that uses a special rope to stop a suspect without causing any harm to them or the police officers involved.

The rope can be shot from a distance of three to eight meters and is aimed at the arms and legs of the person, leading to immediate immobilisation and restraint.

According to the Malta Police Force, the BolaWrap is not designed to cause pain, but is rather a remote handcuff that is a valuable and effective tool in situations where individuals do not comply with police orders without being violent. This includes people who may be emotionally confused, suffering from mental problems, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Kevin Mullins, WRAP Technologies CEO, the company that developed BolaWrap, expressed his satisfaction in seeing the Malta Police Force embrace innovative technologies such as this.

He stated that this tool is an alternative tool for law enforcement officers to prevent or reduce potentially dangerous situation.

The use of BolaWrap has been adopted by several police forces around the world, but its introduction in Los Angeles in 2019 raised some concerns about its potential for abuse.

However, the Malta Police Force has emphasised that the technology will only be used in situations where it is necessary and proportionate, and only by officers who have undergone specialized training and are certified to use it.

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