Home World Msida creek project attracts three bidders

Msida creek project attracts three bidders

Msida creek project attracts three bidders

Infrastructure Malta has announced the closure of the tender call process for the Msida Creek project.

The bidding process concluded on Tuesday with the submission of three proposals to undertake the infrastructural project.

The submissions were made by EPE JV who made a bid of €34,700,007.77, Shining Star Infrastructure and Construction Co. Ltd who made a bid of €49,749,766.90 and RM Construction Ltd who made a bid of €40,798,652.99.

“This positive response is perceived as a vote of confidence in Malta’s commitment to improve the quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability of Malta’s infrastructure. It also aims to provide the necessary capacity to overcome existing challenges and meet future requirements,” the infrastructure agency said.

Infrastructure Malta said the adjudication process is set to commence immediately, marking the next phase in determining the most suitable partner for this major project.

“This meticulous evaluation process will ensure that the selected bidder aligns seamlessly with our vision for the Msida Creek project and possesses the expertise necessary to deliver high standard outputs,” it said.

Msida Creek project

The new junction will see a new 200-metre-long bidirectional flyover directly linking Triq il-Marina with Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli project by 10 votes against none.

The project also foresees a new 2,000sq.m public square near the Msida church.

The controversial project was first proposed in 2019 but plans were substantially revamped in 2022 to allocate more public spaces including a 2,200sq.m public square in front of the church and a water canal. Environmentalists had welcomed the increase in public spaces but objected to the flyover as it still prioritised car traffic over other modes of travel.


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