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The sustainable ideals inspiring Sliema’s new concept store


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Located in Sliema’s premier shopping location, The Point Shopping Mall, luxury brand retailer Mavenry is fast building a reputation as one of Malta’s most unique and respected businesses. Owned and managed by Bluerock, one of Malta’s iconic homegrown companies operating in high-end retail, Mavenry seems to be working hard to align its business practises and company culture with a desire to promote sustainability, quality experiences and homegrown talent. 

Deriving its name from the word ‘maven’, a term denoting an expert or connoisseur, Mavenry is keen to emphasise that their customers’ experience remains at the forefront of their vision for the company, as well as their commitment to responsible values and to Malta-based consumers and designers. 

The result of a 10-year planning phase, Mavenry is clearly determined to hold themselves to the highest standards, something which appears evident from the moment one steps into their store in Sliema. Demonstrating a uniquely tactile and visually balanced approach to store aesthetics, Mavenry has made extensive use of sustainable materials in its construction, even going so far as to utilise Roman-era flooring famed for its robust durability and long lifespan. 

Indeed, sustainability seems at the heart of the company’s philosophy, both in terms of logistics and community. In addition to the various sustainable and historical building materials utilised in their Sliema store, Mavenry has signalled its commitment to supporting brands that share this ethos, such as New Balance, Veja, Longchamp and many more. The company has also signalled its dedication to achieving B Corp certification in the near future, which, according to B Corp’s website, denotes a business “meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.”

Of particular note is Mavenry’s support of Maltese brands and its commitment to ensuring the products it stocks appeal to the Malta-based consumer, as well as to international travellers visiting the country. By bringing unusual and high-end brands to Malta, the company hopes to support tourism in the country, ensuring its continued attractiveness as a destination for luxury shoppers. Highlighting the fact that Malta is often missing from the distribution chains of international luxury brands, Bluerock CEO Karl Micallef stressed the importance of “Maltese customers having access to the same fantastic, high-quality products that are available elsewhere in the world”, displaying a passion for the Maltese shopping experience and a strong belief in the company’s commitment to offering “attainable luxury”. 

Since its launch this November, Mavenry has additionally announced a series of upcoming community projects, including a planned partnership with the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). The initiative will see Mavenry fund a 2023 exchange programme between MCAST students and those attending fashion courses in London and Milan, supporting those wishing to study overseas in order to gain a wider breath of experience in their chosen field of study. Other community-focused activities planned as part of the programme include the use of Mavenry as a launch pad for local upcoming and independent brands, with projects such as in-store exhibitions, mentoring and the stocking of items by local designers announced for next year. At present, Mavenry already stocks items including bags and evening wear from well-known Maltese fashion designer Luke Azzopardi. 

The company is also keen to pioneer new concepts for how customers engage with their store, including a planned in-house Instagram studio that customers can book in advance for free, as well as improving on established features such as fitting rooms which, in Mavenry’s case, are both spacious and luxurious. 

In short, Mavenry could well signal a revolution in high-end retail in Malta, its family-run roots powering a business built on a genuine desire to greatly expand the accessibility and choice of luxury items in the country, while further developing and expanding Malta’s creative output on the international fashion landscape. With a growing collection of nearly 100 brands to date, as well as future customer experience-driven developments — including innovative use of technology, tailoring and laundry services, specialist beauty treatments and the opening of a   restaurant onsite — Mavenry seems set to continue in its mission to deliver attainable high-end luxury items to Malta’s discerning fashion-conscious consumers, while offering a truly unique visitor experience. 

To find out more about Mavenry, visit them on FacebookInstagram or at www.mavenry.com

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