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Watch: Robert Abela – ‘No More Cushy Jobs From Tomorrow’


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Prime Minister Robert Abela has sounded a warning to government workers who view their positions as a “cushy job”.

In an interview on ONE after yesterday’s electoral shock, Abela said he has no remorse about his own personal commitment to the nation but questioned whether other government employees can say likewise.

“I’m not just talking about people who are in the top tier like me because I’m very satisfied with their work, commitment and dedication,” he said. “However, when you start going down the pyramid… people in government structures aren’t there to have a cushy job and I want to make this message clear. Those who want that kind of work must take a decision tomorrow before it is forced upon them.”

Abela said he heard several incidents of people who had legitimate complaints with government bodies who weren’t contacted back.

“Everyone must pull the same rope and keep to our rhythm, which we plan to increase. The entire structure must be sensitive to people’s needs.”

Abela said that he makes a personal effort to respond to every single WhatsApp message he receives but questioned whether everyone else in government has the same appetite.

“You need to have stamina because it is hard work, but that is what people trusted us for.”

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